Monday September 17th, Rain Rain Go Away!

With Craig already at the office, we almost overslept this morning!  I had to wake the girls up for school since they were still snoozing away with the rain.  Ingram almost missed them but finally woke up before the bus got here to tell them to hey before they ran out to catch the bus.  Poor Beau has been neglected today since he smells like a stinky wet dog; I think a bath is in his future for tomorrow at some point. 

During our pajama day, Ingram played Play-Doh and watched cartoons while I surfed the Internet and made phone calls regarding our needed home repairs. I also talked with the air conditioning guy for a while after he inspected the unit in question; he told me that our air conditioning unit was basically broken and in need of a replacement. Oh happy day!  In case anyone was asking if we needed more going on, we apparently do because we also found some mold and mildew on some of the air vents upstairs. Needless to say, this chickie was feeling a little more than stressed until my sweet friend Stephan Rowland called!   I hadn't talked to her since they moved to the Dominican Republic and she just made my day by calling and chatting for a while. After her call, I went and read my Bible for a bit and just prayed that I'd know what to do and who to call since Craig was out of town and I also prayed that it would be easier to take care of than we were thinking. About an hour later, the builder who remodeled our house last year called and told me he was going to help get everything taken care of so that I didn't have to worry about meeting repairmen and explaining everything over and over again since half the time we're not even home long enough to have workers over.  When I got off the phone, I felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulders and realized that God really cares about everything that we tell Him.  Who would have thought that God would have sent our builder who didn't even know about Ingram's cancer to provide such comfort when it seemed it could only get worse!

With all the chaos of home repairs and with it raining all day long, we stayed in our pajamas until right before the girls got home from school.  At that point, Ingram changed into his bathing suit hoping to go swimming and I put on some running pants well just hoping to not look like I was in my pajamas anymore.  About an hour later after finishing homework including a paper about Danny Thomas and deciding we needed to not have any more messes in the house, we headed to grab a quick bite at Chick Fil A.  I looked in the rear-view mirror as I was driving and realized that the only thing I had done to get ready today was brush my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail!  Yikes; I'm sure I looked pretty scary to the people inside Chick Fil A.

The kids were silly at dinner and then again at home during showers!  After showers, Ingram had picked up his blanket that his class from last year made him with their pictures and was on the floor looking at all the pictures.  He looked up at me and said that he missed his friends with such a cute face; hopefully, before his next round of chemo, we might be able to go up and see his friends.  I'm not sure he even realizes he's not going to his class this year or not, but maybe he'll be able to catch up with them all next year in class. 

Madison Is Doing A Paper On A Hero For School And She Picked Danny Thomas Since He Founded St. Jude!
Ingram Is Our Hero Too And Way More Amazing Than Spider-Man!

Lindsey Was On Top Of The Picture (Where Ingram Is) With The Whole Class Together And Ingram Started To Cry. 
I Asked Him What Was Wrong And He Said "I Can't See My Friends!"
Typical Comic Relief From Lindsey And Madison Trying To Go All Academic On Us!

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