Saturday September 8th, Another Action Packed Day!

We knew we were going to have a busy day today to finish getting ready for the party tomorrow, but we all were going non-stop all day and it started early!  Ingram and Lindsey came downstairs around 7am but Madison stayed upstairs cuddled up reading her book in bed.  We all had a quick breakfast and then off to the store I went with the kids while Craig started working outside again.  Before we left, Ingram made that sound again and ran to the bathroom; I've decided that no matter when he has his medicine, he's still going to start out his days the same way right after chemo.  We got home around lunchtime and had just enough time to unload and eat lunch before the girls' friends came over to start decorating. 

They spray-painted signs, blew up balloons, tied the balloons, and worked on posters.  Of course, they couldn't resist the pool on such a pretty day either.  While the big kids were "working" at our house, Ingram was playing at another house...without me!  He has been a little clingy over the past few months and cries if I try to leave without him.  We've spent very little time apart and logistically we were having a hard time trying to figure out how to get him to little Brokke's birthday party.  His buddy Harrison was going to the party and Ingram said he wanted to ride with Harrison; Kari, Harrison's mom, said that Ingram talked the whole way there which is close to 30 minutes.  He had so much fun at the party and only once did he walk around calling my name trying to find me. 

After he got back home, we needed to go shave a friends head.  We've been trying to get to his house for three days and finally made it today.  Our friend Ward had a bike accident and broke his collarbone, his wrist, a rib, and also three vertebrae.  He said he needed to have Ingram shave his head; I think his wife Katie was excited too because it's one less head of hair she has to wash!  Ingram had a great time and played with their girls on the playground after he did the first round of cuts on Ward's hair.  His girls also got to cut some of his hair and they all thought he looked great!

Ingram managed to stay awake till around 8:30 tonight after going strong all day long!  I was planning to put him to bed early, but all three of them were having so much fun together that I hated to stop the fun.  Tonight though Ingram was not sleeping with them so that he can hopefully get a longer night's sleep so that he will be full of energy for the party tomorrow. 

Not Sure What He's Doing, But He Sure Talked About The Party All Afternoon!

Ingram With Ward And His Girls!
See What I'm Talking About With One Less Head Of Hair To Wash??

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