Friday and Saturday July 13th and 14th, And They're Back!!!

Over the past two days, well really since 10am Friday until about 8pm Saturday, we've been in the car driving for about 12 hours and it was non-stop talking...from Ingram!  On the way to pick up the girls from Kanakuk, he talked our ears off;  we had about a 30 minute break when he fell asleep and that was it.  I honestly have no recollection of what he said other than "Momma this and Momma that, Daddy this and Daddy that" the whole time.  The same thing happened on the way home except he started throwing in the girls names too.  Finally, I decided to change my name but it didn't work too well so I finally gave up on thinking there would be any quiet time at all. 

Craig thought it was funny until he was on the phone with work and out of the clear blue Ingram shouts "BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs.  We were going down a two lane highway up and down the mountains and there happened to be a boat shop on the side of the road and of course he needed to notify the world that there was a boat.  It's great, really; Craig decided on this trip that Ingram was our boat alarm, but the thing is that we never really know when he's going to sound off!

We were so excited to see the girls and I think they were just as excited to see us too.  We didn't know that we would all be making the trip until 10pm the night before and I'm so glad we all got to make it, despite not having any quiet time in the car.  It was 100% worth it to get to see their faces when they saw us and Ingram.

The downside of getting home from Kamp today is that we've got to get 4 weeks worth of laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away all before tomorrow night since we'll be going into the hospital first thing Monday morning for Ingram's first chemotherapy treatment.  The upside is that for the first time since April 3rd, Ingram is not sleeping on his little mattress in our bedroom; he's sleeping with his girls in their room.  It's the cutest thing!

4pm Friday afternoon...The First Sighting!!!
9am Saturday morning...Back For More!!!

12pm Saturday Afternoon...Leaving New And Old Friends From Kamp :(

10pm Saturday Night...Total Exhaustion!!!

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