Sunday July 15th, The Video Premier!!!

Wow!  As a mother, I'm soooooo proud of my girls.  Ingram is my hero for battling cancer, but my girls are an inspiration to me in how much they love their little brother.  As you may remember, they have been filming a video about St. Jude and their brother.  I was not able to go to any of the taping sessions because I was always at the hospital with Ingram, but had been told about them by the girls, Craig, and Craig's mom.  I was prepared for it to be emotional, but my girls have me speechless. 

Tonight Dean Film and Video premiered the Team Ingram video and my heart has gone into overdrive.  The video is amazing.  We invited a few of our friends and some family to come with us to see the video for the first time.  The girls were super hyper because they were the stars of the night.  They definitely felt special! 

This officially begins what we think could be a big part of their fundraising for St. Jude.  We think this is partly how they are dealing with the situation - trying to help by raising money for the hospital that is treating their brother.  If you watch the video, you can probably see that. 

We are praying that God would use Madison and Lindsey's efforts for His glory.  We hope that their video will be sent all over the world so people can hear their story.  Please forward the link to all of your friends or put it on your Facebook pages! 


Once Again, Celebrating with Ice Cream!


  1. Wow! Two loving, caring dedicated sisters!! Go Team Ingram!!

  2. What a beautiful, inspiring video for St. Jude and for Ingram. Well done, Lindsay and Madison!