Monday July 2nd, Sleeping in!!

Woohoo!!! Today was the first day that we didn't have to be up early and it was awesome!  Granted, we didn't have to be up early on vacation, but Ingram woke up every day when the sun came up.  Not only did he wake up, but he also woke up Lindsey who was sleeping in the next bed each morning saying "Lindsey! The sun's up! It's time to play!" regardless of if they went to bed at 10 pm or 11pm each night.  But hey, it was the beach and we needed to play, right?

It's so hot here that we took in Beau once we were up (finally at 8:45am) to the groomers to get shaved.  Poor guy got all his hair on his head chopped by Craig the other night because it was just so much; the funny thing was that Craig didn't clip his body so he was just a tad bit disportionate!  Just imagine a cockapoo with a shaggy, curly black and white body and a slim and trim head.  It was a little embarassing, but Beau didn't seem to mind because he was also covered in mud.  Don't worry though when we picked him up, he was fully proportionate and looked like an overgrown rat with no tail, but he's going to be less hot in our 100+ degree temperatures!

We went to out to lunch at the last minute with a friend and enjoyed catching up.  Ingram's restaurant choice for today, none other than Chic Fil A!  As usual, we ran into 3 other families that we knew too and had fun seeing them all.  After our time at lunch, it was the perfect time for a nice long nap for Ingram...NOT!  That little stinker slept for about an hour and woke up and told me he was still tired.  I tried to convince him that he could go back to sleep, but he didn't buy it.  Just in time though because some friends came by that had $540.00 that their 8 year old son had raised for St. Jude that he wanted to donate to Team Ingram. 

After dinner we went swimming again and Ingram loved it!  He's not scared at all and even jumped off the board over and over again.  He was doing his version of cannonballs and walkling like a bird flapping his wings and even asked Craig to teach him to dive.  The pool also had a slide, so he slid, and slid, and slid till he could slide no more.  He went down on his bottom about 50 times and then Craig gave him the idea of going down on his belly, which he did!  Head first on his belly down the slide he went!!! That little joker didn't make a fuss about bedtime because we left the pool at 9:30pm and he was in bed with Beau's help by 10:15.  Hopefully we're sleeping in again!

And To Think That Last Week He Was Scared Of Getting Water On His Head!

This Attempted Dive Almost Turned Into a Bellyflop!

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