Tuesday July 3rd, Tractors, Bulldozers, and Dumptrucks Oh My!!

We are soooooo glad today is here!  Today is the first day that we've been here to watch Mr. Jay and his guys (that's what Ingram calls them) work in the back yard.  More importantly though it's the first day that they actually put a hole in the ground!  And it's a huge hole!!!!!  Ingram says it big enough for all his friends, so that's an invitation for everyone who is a friend of Ingram to stop by the house in about 6 weeks to go swimming!  Party time!!

Until then, our backyard is a boy's paradise!  We've got dirt piles everywhere, a dumptruck going in and out of the driveway all day long, a bulldozer scooping out everything, and it's very entertaining.  Not to mention the Bobcat that's parked outside our house; Ingram is loving the machinery!! 

Even Beau is excited about all the "boy toys" in the yard; he's just the nicest puppy to let us know anytime anything moves outside the window by barking.  You can imagine how peaceful our house is right now.  I'm sooo kidding; that dog was about to drive me bonkers so into the kennel he went for extended naptimes if you know what I mean!

Daddy and G-Daddy are about as crazy though and playing a round of golf at 4pm in 100+ degree heat.  Don't forget to add the wonderful Memphis humidity!  That's okay though because swimming makes it worth it afterwards. 

This morning Daddy was on TV on the Fox Business Channel to talk about work stuff.  I'd go into detail, but really it's just a lot of numbers and letters that he was talking about.  QE1, QE2, and the possibility of QE3;  you'd think Economic guys would at least know their ABC's!  Maybe Ingram should go teach them all a thing or two! 

This afternoon, G-Daddy and Ingram made cards for the girls to go in their packages.  I think that's the other thing the girls love about being gone at Kamp; they know Mommy can't go a few days without sending them some loot!!  Girls, if you're reading this, it'll be there this weekend!

9:00am...What A Fun Way To Start The Day For A Boy!!

10:30am...Daddy Looking Good On The Big Screen!!!

1:00pm...Giving A Little Love On Paper For His Girls With G-Daddy! 

8:00pm...Where's The Water?

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  1. Wow - that is one massive hole. You guys are so lucky to get a pool in your backyard. We might be able to fit a bath tub in ours...