Sunday July 29th, Another Party!!

Oh we love any reason to get crazy around here and have a we're having one today...all day!  Today is Craig's 38th birthday and while he was out of town with the girls, Ingram helped wrap his present, made a "Top Ten Things I Like About Daddy!" birthday card, and helped make some cupcakes.  The girls helped with the icing once they got back in town and they were yummy!!  If you work with Craig, stop by early to help eat them before they run out; there are so many I'm sending them to the office tomorrow.  And I promise no one licked the spatula and then used it least I don't think they did!

Since Ingram's ANC was up, we went to church this morning and he was being so funny.  He still gets a little shy when everyone comes up to him and asks him how he's doing but then eventually starts acting like his old self.  When we got to the door to his classroom, he decided he wanted me to go in his room with him!  His girls go to class with him a lot and "help" so he wanted me to stay and help.  That silly boy was running around in circles with his friends when I came back to pick him up and was full of energy and didn't stop till naptime.  It was soo good to see him running around like a nut with all his friends; it was one of those moments when I realize that he's a completely normal 3 year old...we just have a different daily routine than most.

The kids had an unexpected water war this afternoon.
Can you figure out the ending?

We came home to a table set up in the den for birthday dinner while we watched the Olympics;
The food in the picture IS NOT what I planned for dinner!

Happy 38th Birthday Daddy!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Craig! :-)

    From your friends in California.