Wednesday July 18th, Round Two

I don't know what I expected with us going inpatient, but we've really had a good time.  Don't get me wrong, having drugs put into Ingram from nurses who are dressed in blue gowns and wearing gloves makes me a little more than nervous, but we've colored, danced to the jukebox, gone on walks around the hospital and played with a few friends along the way.  I think that Ingram's favorite thing to do other than go to the playroom is to hang on the infusion machine pole and ride around everywhere.

Since Madison spent the night with us, the first thing we did was order breakfast and they had breakfast in bed while I showered and everything.  The first thing Ingram said when he woke up was not "Hey Mommy!" but it was "I'm ready to go to the playroom!"  But I'm such a mean mommy that I made them eat their breakfast first; then it was off to see what all they could get into in the playroom.  Ingram was so happy to have her here and I think she too was on excitement overload.    

Craig and I also had overload today but it was information overload!  We were told about all the things that could go wrong with chemo and  more than we ever wanted to know about counts, germs, and infection .  Craig and I were told so much in such a little amount of time that I think I'm still trying to figure it all out.  It's all a little scary about what these drugs do to their systems, but our doctors recommended this course of treatment so we're hitting it with all we can. 

Ingram is actually doing really well right now and they're moving up our discharge to tomorrow instead of Friday as long as his labs, especially his kidney functions, come back looking good.  He'll stay on fluids again tonight in the hospital to help get the rest of the medicine out of his system.  If his kidneys coooperate, then we should go home on fluids and return Friday for more labs and unfortunately a shot of something with a weird name.   Hopefully, we will all get a better night's sleep since we have a big day tomorrow at St. Jude...It's Sibling Day!!!!

I definitely AM crazy letting the girls take turns spending the night;
but then again, I never said I was sane!
Ingram's been asking me ever since Madison left when "His Lindsey" was coming.
Pretty cute huh??


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