Wednesday July 11th, Preliminary Test Results

Ingram had a really big day today, well all of us really.  Today was Ingram's second MRI since his treatment began.  He had one after his surgery and one right before radiation began.  If you read Ashley's blog last night, you know that we were a bit nervous about the results.  Ependymoma is an aggressive cancer and, while it would be unusual for it to recur within the first three months, we were still concerned nonetheless. 

We are excited that the MRI showed that there were no signs of a tumor in his brain.  We are still waiting for the results of the spinal tap.  It is hard to imagine that this was just the second of these MRIs.  We will have to get them for a long time to come and the waiting is unbearable.  It feels as if Ingram's fate is almost hanging in the balance as we wait. 

Tomorrow we meet with our main doctor about the complete test results in detail and also will talk about his course of chemotherapy that is set to start Monday.  They're also going to be performing a set of tests for Ingram's kidney function that will last all day, drawing labs every two hours.  This may not be as pleasant as in the past because his butterfly (named Thomas the Train) is bugging him every now and then; plus he's been out of routine of having anything done since we've been on vacation from the hospital for almost a month.  Since radiation ended a month ago, we've been at the hospital twice! 

Ingram Is Developing Quite The Collection Of Bands!
This Is At 7am.

We Dismukes Celebrate Everything With Ice Cream!
This At 4pm This Afternoon.

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