Tuesday July 10th, Getting A Little Antsy!

I've finished all the laundry, done all the housework, and even put Ingram to bed early tonight.  We had a full day of fun including lunch at Chic Fil A, a long visit at Daddy's office, getting caught out in a huge thunderstorm, and bathing Beau after he too was caught outside in a thunderstorm.  Now that all is quiet in the house, I'm starting to get a little antsy about tomorrow. 

We go back to St. Jude for the first set of tests since before Ingram started radiation.  From his previous round of testing in April, Ingram's tumor was removed completely and his spinal fluid from his first spinal tap was clear which is the best situation possible.  Ingram spent May and June undergoing radiation and is getting ready to start the second part of his treatment which is several rounds of chemotherapy. 

And we have a very full day tomorrow...starting in the lab to get a new butterfly at 7am; I can tell you now that Ingram does not want to start his day with a "poke!"  After his labs, we have a clinic visit to make sure everything is still a go for being sedated.  Next up Ingram will get sedated and then go through a couple hours in the MRI having scans of his brain and spine followed by a Spinal Tap.   The doctors will compare the results they get tomorrow with the previous results to see if there are any signs of tumor regrowth or cancer cells in his spinal fluid.

Since Anaplastic Ependymona is a very aggressive form of cancer and all of the people we've met at St. Jude have had recurrences, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. I know that God has a plan for taking Ingram and our family down this path. I know that God is totally in charge of the situation. I know that God loves Ingram more than we do, more than we can even imagine. I know that God loves us more than we can imagine. I know that God provides everything we need at every given moment. I know all these things and more in my heart and in my head, but right now I'm just a little nervous and ready to get through tomorrow.

Mommy's Little Man!
(Craig made me put this one in tonight. This is from our family pictures
 taken the night before Ingram started radiation.)


  1. Good luck tomorrow. Our family will be thinking positive thoughts all day! Keep smiling,

  2. Praying extra for you guys today. And I love the new pic! :)

  3. Praying for peace and rest for y'all tonight! I know you are very anxious, just know there are so many people behind you to lift you up! Love, the Harrison's. Ramsey says hi Ingram :)