Saturday and Sunday July 7th and 8th, Decisions, Decisions!!

We love weekends at the Dismuke house!  The crazy thing is that we normally don't make plans till the last minute and so it happened that way again this weekend.  Mr. David and Miss Laurie were still here with us and the girls were still at Kamp so it was just Ingram to make the decisions for us for the weekend!

First decision...breakfast!  Ingram wanted bacon, eggs, and waffles so off to the kitchen I went.  Breakfast went well with all the Play-Doh that Ingram and Miss Laurie were making.  Craig and Mr. David were working in the yard (of course) and came up with some pretty fun options for the rest of today and Ingram gave his approval too. 

Second decision...swimming!  We left the big boys home to work in the yard more and we went swimming at the pool.  Ingram is a huge fan of the diving board and the slide and likes to go over and over still.  I think he's starting to have "scales and fins" come out of his skin; he loves the water!!!

Third decision...driving!  Even though he's not old enough to drive a car, he's old enough to drive the boat so off to the Lake we go.  Ingram decided he'd rather swim in the Lake than drive the boat so we swam and swam and swam.  The poor little guy's white swim shirt is no longer white; guess I'll be finding a new one since he likes swimming in it even at nighttime. 

Fourth decision...jumping!  Ingram loves to jump into the pool now either off the board or off the side of the pool.  He's come a long way from wanting us to be right there to catch him when we were at the beach to now doing cannonballs, attempting dives, and impersonating animals when he goes off the board.  For the first time ever, he jumped off the side of the boat!!!  He did it a couple times and his girls are going to be so proud of him when they find out. 

Fifth decision...sleepover!  Some friends offered their lakehouse to us again so we wouldn't have to drive back home late but we hadn't really thought we would stay the night.  Well, Ingram decided he wanted to swim again the next day and so since he's in charge this weekend, we said sure.  But we hadn't really thought about Beau, our dog that we left at home.  He stays outside a lot (with an invisible fence) and loves to run alongside people and their dogs alike but stays in our yard.  So we finally get settled and showered and get dinner and realized we still hadn't figured out what we're going to do about Beau.  The Murphy family once again came to our rescue and put Beau inside at night and let him out again in the morning.  Beau must have played hard with them because he's been sleeping off and on ever since we got home around 6pm Sunday night. 

I would add another decision that he made, but it wasn't his decision really.   He had so much fun these past couple days and was so tired that on the way home he fell asleep in the car...with his dinner in his hands!  He's taking after Daddy here (some of you know how he fell alseep eating in the hospital about 5 years ago with his heart surgery) and had just worn himself out and couldn't stay awake anymore.  He also fell asleep on the boat for about 30 minutes which is no new thing; the funny part of that is that we had pretty much just gotten out on the water and were driving around and it wasn't even close to his naptime.  Hopefully, though, he'll get a good nights sleep tonight and take it easy for the next couple days at home too. 

Smashing Bushes With Mr. Jay's Bobcat!

The Boys Chilling Together In The Lake!

Mommy May Be The One Doing The Steering,
But Ingram Is The One Doing the Speeding!

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