Saturday June 30th, And They're Off!!

Saturday morning before 6am we pulled out of our driveway to take our girls to camp; well, not take them to camp, but rather drop them off in a parking lot with about 100 other kids to ride about 7 hours to Kanakuk Kamp in Branson, Missouri for two weeks.  We were up so late Friday night getting things ready that when my alarm went off at 5am, I was very tempted to push the snooze button! 

G-Daddy (Craig's Dad) made it in around midnight from Texas so we both got to go drop off the girls and Ingram got to sleep in.  Now that I'm thinking about it, it might not have been so bad for only Craig to go because as I was backing out the car, I hit the garage door and caused some damage.  I'm laughing about it now, because of all the other things that Craig keeps reminding me about that I've done to the car in the last couple months.  I just realized I never told him about the parking block I ran up and over and busted in half in the process; oh well, guess he knows now. 

By the time we got home, Ingram and G-Daddy had already played baseball outside for a while, made race tracks inside, and of course chased around Beau too.  Ingram asked to paint and I enlisted G-Daddy to paint with him so that I could get a few things done.  I've got to say, G-Daddy got more into the painting than Ingram did and he also taught him to mix the colors to make new colors; I think that is the Chemist in him coming out!  G-Mommy also sent a huge battery operated automatic water gun for Ingram so that became the bribery needed for Ingram to take a nap because he really was "not tired at all."  Not only did Ingram take a nap for about 4 hours, but we all ended up sleeping for a long time;  I don't think I've had a nap for more than 10 mimutes in forever and we both slept for at least 3 hours! 

After naps, we all went outside to work in the yard...kinda.  Craig and G-Daddy really did work in the yard but we (Ingram, Beau, and me) worked hard to make sure they stayed cool and offered them plenty of water (in the form of a water hose and water gun and water bottles) to make sure they didn't over heat.  We're sooooo thoughtful in that regard!  Needless to say, it was about 10pm for Ingram to go to bed and then I think I finally conked out around 1am and Craig around 2am. 

Daddy's Little Girls!

G-Mommy Isn't The Only One Who's Artistic;
Check Out The Shark In the Bottom Right That G-Daddy Painted For Ingram!

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  1. How great that Keith and Lin are there. Painting looks fun!

    Love & Tex