Friday July 6th, Smiles All Around!

Chic Fil A was the wildest place on Earth this morning at 10am.  We met Ingram's class to play and have lunch and it was so much fun!  He didn't get to finish out the year with them and won't be able to start back in the Fall either.  After  his surgery, the class made a huge sign with all their handprints that is on our fridge and he was looking at it the other day.  He said, "Mommy I miss my friends; I want to play with them right now!" 

So what does Mommy do?  I make it happen!!  It was so much fun to watch them run and play together; other than the first minute we arrived when Ingram turned shy, it was the loudest place on Earth too!  The boys were chasing each other through the steps and slides and the girls were sitting in the bubble car looking down at all the rest.  He told me when he left how much fun he had and that he wished he could do that every day.  Our hearts were happy!!

Another fun thing for today was that Mr. David and Miss Laurie came down to see us.  Ingram's new thing is to play Hide and Go Seek, so of course, he got Mr. Daivd to hide and Miss Laurie would help him with the seeking when his hiding spots were too hard.  At least this time, Ingram didn't shoot Mr. David with Nerf bullets over and over again!  They just got engaged last night and asked Ingram to be their little ring man for the wedding.  When Mr. David told him they're getting married, Ingram just looked at him like "I have no idea what you're saying;" he told him he gets to have a slumber party every night with Miss Laurie once they're married and he got excited!  The girls will hate that they missed Mr. David and Miss Laurie; judging from the Kanakuk pictures we've seen, they're having a blast so I'm sure it'll be okay!

Friends from 2B Taking Over the Playroom at Chic Fil A!
Mr. David, Miss Laurie, and Ingram;
He'll Probably Giddy-up Down The Aisle At Their Wedding!

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