Monday July 30th, Homegrown Craziness!

All three of the kids made a hideout to hide themselves from Beau this morning.  It seemed he woke up with a hankering for feet and arms and was climbing all over the girls to try and grab hold of their extremities.  We couldn't put him outside because it was raining and I felt bad putting him back in his crate after a long nights rest, so we just played defense till his energy ran out. 

Beau wasn't the only crazy Dismuke today!  The kids were running in overdrive and could find enough stuff to get out and make messes with all over the house. Upstairs and downstairs, they were pulling stuff out of everywhere and of course weren't sticking around to clean any of it up. Luckily part of it is behind closed doors in their "attic" and won't be seen by anyone; but they will be spending a considerable amount of time up there tomorrow cleaning it all up! Anyone else have this problem?  They also set up the den like stadium seating for watching the Olympics; I think they did it so they have more room to do their own Olympics, especially some gymnastics!!

Tomorrow we head back to St. Jude bright and early to get accessed and have labs drawn to check all his counts.  We're still praying for his platelets and hemoglobin to be going up to avoid any kind of transfusion.  Hopefully, his ANC and his hematocrit are still doing okay too.  One side effect from Chemotherapy that we've noticed and that's expected is that his hair is starting to fall out.  A few pieces here and there are all we're finding for now;  even though we know it's going to happen, it just makes me kind of sad. 

This is part of the storm;
You can bet Mommy IS NOT cleaning this mess up!

This is part of the calm;
They're playing a game with Beau sleeping at their feet.

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