Sunday July 1st, Compassion

Being at church was fantastic today.    We have not been regular at church since everything started for many reasons.  In the beginning it was because Ingram was throwing up so often and obviously recovering from brain surgery is a tad bit difficult.  Then it was just being exhausted going nonstop at the hospital and wanting to spend some quiet time with the kids.  More recently, we had been out of town spending time with the kids and our family before it all gets crazy again. All  that to say that I have really missed our church family and today is one of those days that God put people in my path for His purposes.  

I know Craig has talked about how special and overwhelming it is when people tell us they read our story and pray for Ingram for him personally, but today for some reason it hit me as well.  I'm always emotional when we catch up with our old group of friends and talk about Ingram; they're the ones that we've know since before we all started having babies and we have all been through so much together in our 14 years at First Evan.  But today it was more our newer friends in the church that have brought my emotions and my thankfulness out.  I'm not talking about thanking them for reading or praying, I'm talking about thanking God for surrounding us with such a body of believers that truly have enveloped us and touched us, especially me as a mother, with their hugs, their conversations, and His compassion. 

Craig always tells people about how emotionally strong I am, but today my heart melted as I listened to people throughout the church talk to us as a couple and talk to me as a mother about how they follow us daily and pray for us daily.  Of course it's an emotional roller coaster that we're riding, but we have felt being lifted up by the body of Christ.  I think I cried on the phone the April 3rd when I called Craig and two others at the intial news and then again April 10th the day we were discharged from the hospital.  On the 10th when I cried, I was with a group of my girlfriends who came to take me out to lunch and get me out of the hospital for just an hour.  It was then that I got the call from Craig that we were being discharged from Lebonheur and would become a part of the St. Jude family just two days later.  When I fell apart then at the reality of my child having cancer, the level of compassion from the body of Christ overwhelmed me; these dear girls swooped in, put their arms around me, and started praying that very instant in a crowded restaurant in Memphis.

That is the same feeling I had today, the compassion of Christ being filtered through friends and acquaintences alike.  Just as Craig said Friday, the compassion we've been shown is overwhelming and I honestly don't know how we would be getting through this time in Ingram's life without God showing His love and His compassion on us in these ways. 

These Kids Were Just As Crazy In Panera Bread Eating Lunch
 As They Were Eating Ice Cream For Dessert!

Late Night Swimming Party At The Berry's House;
Notice The Sweatband They Picked Out For Ingram While They Were In Ethopia!

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  1. It was so good to see Ingram sitting next to Avery in Sunday School yesterday when I was picking Avery up! I wanted to run over and give him a big hug but coming from a mother he doesn't know might be a little strange! Consider this note a big bear hug from the Brock family.