Saturday July 28th, Good and Bad

We love Saturdays mornings!  When we're all home, we normally have big breakfast with bacon, eggs, and waffles.  Unfortunately the only lab spot open for today was at 7am so we headed out the door with absolutely no traffic.  Ingram didn't mind because we had talked about his butterfly maybe coming out today.  And it did!  Captain Barnacles flew away and Ingram got to take a bath for the first time since last Monday.  He was so excited about it that he got right in when we got home. 

Number wise, Ingram's ANC (basically everything about the immune system) was up to 2200 from 200 and he was able to lose the mask!  Yahooey!!  His platelets and hemoglobin are still dropping and are very close to the transfusion level.  The magic numbers are 8 for the hemoglobin and 30,000 for the platelets; we've got to stay above those to avoid a transfusion.  Thankfully though, they are not to that point yet.  We are praying that by Tuesday they'll both be on the rise and he won't need any kind of transfusion.  We know that at some point transfusions are inevitable, but we'd like to not have to do them on the first round of chemotherapy.  We're still having to watch out for certain things, but we're anticipating better numbers with the next lab check.

Craig and the girls headed to celebrate the graduation of Mr. Aaron (quasi-adopted big brother) from The University of Alabama Law School.  Yeah Mr. Aaron!  We're so proud of him; since we couldn't go to the party, we celebrated by watching Scooby Doo, playing baseball out front, and eating more chicken in one meal than he has in about 2 weeks.  I think he was pretending to eat like Mr. Aaron!!! 

So just to recap...
Good- Butterflies leaving, ANC rising, finishing the Law School, playing baseball, and eating chicken!
Bad- 7am lab appointments on Saturday mornings, platelets still dropping, hemoglobin still dropping, and missing Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Erin!

Craig, Madison, Mr. Aaron, Lindsey, and Mrs. Erin at Aaron's Graduation Party!
Woohoo!  Roll Tide!!

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