Monday July 23rd, A Day Off!

Ingram had today off and he actually slept in till almost 8:30 this morning.  Around here that's kinda like sleeping till noon since we're normally out of the house by 7 or so to get to the hospital on time.  The girls were off to soccer before Ingram got up and he decided he wanted to watch cartoons while he ate his breakfast but apparently his breakfast didn't like him and it came out to find a new home...on the couch!  I guess those cushions needed to be washed again anyway. 

Apparently it didn't phase him because he kept eating and then when I came back in the room, he told me he threw up and asked for more food.  Around lunchtime, the girls had a fundraising meeting and were so excited about it!  They went in by themselves and when all was said and done, they received another "matching" donation up to $2000 if they raise $2000 in the next month.  Madison's so funny though because she told me with a big smile that "It shouldn't be a problem!"  I love their enthusiasm for raising money to help all the kids at St. Jude!!!

Ingram reached a milestone today and I guess it's a milestone for me too!  Be prepared, it's a little on the icky side...we were eating lunch at McAlister's while the girls did their presentation.  Ingram said "Mommy, my tummy feels weird" and I asked "what kind of weird?" as I was getting our little blue bag out of my purse.  I hid it in my lap with a napkin on top just in case we needed it and about 30 seconds later, you guessed it, Ingram projectiled and I caught it.  The best thing was that it was all so quick that none of the tables around us noticed at all.  Then , he started eating his lunch again just like he coughed or sneezed.  He's a rockstar in my book!!

The crazy thing in all this is that he doesn't act sick at all.  We're not sure when the bad side effects of chemo are supposed to kick in, but he's surprising us all with his enegery level and everything.  I think he looks a little tired all the time in his face, but he's not acting like it at all and for that we are so thankful!  He hasn't eaten as much as he would have in the past, but he's still eating and drinking so that makes us feel good nonetheless. 

We go back to St. Jude in the morning to get a new butterfly (BOO!!) and check out his kidneys and counts in the lab.  We'll also see our main doctor in the clinic and see how they think Ingram is doing from their point of view.  Keep all the kids at St. Jude, especially our friend Jayden and his parents Bethany and Scott, in your prayers.  Everyone has good days and bad days at different times and it's always just one test or one lab away for all of us. 

Ingram wanted to go for a bike ride tonight. 
He made it down one house before he decided it was time to turn back and go home.
Nice bald spot huh??  That's from 34 rounds of radiation.   
The Best Seller on the Ingy Sandwich!!

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