Friday July 27th, Building Bears!

We finally made it to Build-A-Bear to use the gift cards that the girls got at Super Sibling Day at St. Jude.  Build -A-Bear is a corporate sponser of St. Jude and they do a fantastic job of raising money for St. Jude all year long.  We were the only ones in the store and felt like we were getting such special treatment; they helped us pick out clothes and accessories and everything.  Ingram got a dog that he named Beau Lightyear and he was decked out in a Buzz Lightyear outfit.  Lindsey got a bear that's blue with fish and sea stuff on it named Sunshine and she's wearing a sequin top and a bright pink tutu.  Madison got a Koala bear (to remind her of her time at Kanakuk where she won the Koala Award) named Sadie Shaw wearing pajamas. 

We had soooo much fun there and immediately went to show Daddy the newest additions.  Of course on the way we passed Chick Fil A so what'd we do?  You guessed it; we pulled in the drive thru and grabbed some lunch.  The people inside the resturant kept smiling and waving at us, but then again I'd wave also if there were two girls climbing out of the roof of a Suburban.  We also ran into a family from school and so now we're getting even more excited about getting back to school; we only have one more whole week of summer left before school starts back. 

Tonight's plan...Watching the Olympics and making some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Feel free to stop by and watch with us and we might just share a cookie or two with you!  Maybe!!  We'll head back to St. Jude in the morning to check labs and hopefully the ANC will be closer to 500 and we'll be mask free; we're also hoping for a higher platelets and hemoglobin too!

The Bear Ceremony...
Making A Wish Before They Put Their Hearts Inside The Animals.
They Won't Even Tell Me Their Wishes!

Finished Products
Sadie Shaw Dismuke, Beau Lightyear Dismuke, and Sunshine Dismuke!

This Little Stinker Thought He Could Hide From Me At Naptime;
All The Giggles Clued Me In To Where He Was Hiding!

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