Thursday July 26th, Going Up!!!

Well at least Ingram's ANC is going up; it seems some other important numbers are going down still which isn't particularly good.  Since his ANC is still down, he has to wear the mask anytime we're outside the house and we take certain precautions.  Luckily, he hasn't wanted to go anywhere so that's good in itself because I can sort of control his environment. 

Today though he was forced to put on the mask and head to SJ for labs and a clinic visit.  By his side were his girls and they were all three in great moods, despite getting less sleep than normal.  In the lab, Ingram actually let his girls help with everything.  They were taking turns cleaning stuff, flushing lines, drawing blood, checking blood pressure and temperature and more.  As I expected from all Ingram's milk that he's been drinking, he has gained some weight, 0.88 ounces to be exact and we're very proud of this weight!  Granted he may lose it again, but for now he weighs 32.1 pounds!!

So the counts that are down are his Hemoglobin and Platelets; we go back in Saturday for more labs to check these.  If they're lower, they may have to do transfusions of blood and/or platelets and we really don't want to have to do that.  His Creatinine wasn't an issue today and for that we're happy too because that would have meant coming home on fluids again.  Who knows, Saturday's labs may show an increase in his ANC also and we might be able to come off precautions but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

The girls stayed with the "VOLUNTEENS" while we went to the clinic to go over his lab work and they had so much fun.  They made Olympic torches out of paper, different shapes out of "sticky sticks" and pipe cleaners, and played Apples To Apples and Jenga.  On the way home, Madison out of the blue said "I want to be a Volunteen when I grow up!" and Lindsey agreed.  I love the compassion they have for others and the fact that they just want to help other kids at St. Jude have fun while they have to be there. 

Ingram Drawing His Blood!
He Told Me Today He Was Going To Be A Doctor When He Gets Bigger!

Lindsey Flushing His Line!
You Can't See, But She's Got Her Tongue Out To Help;
It's One Of Those "Lindsey Things!"

Madison Pushing His Heparin!
Notice Her Facial Expression; She's Really Concentrating!

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