Thursday July 19th, We're Home!!

Man, today was crazy; we've gone non-stop since we got up!!  Lindsey spent the night at the hospital and we all actually got a fairly decent nights sleep for being in the hospital.  Lindsey was a little too excited about breakfast in bed and headed down to the cafeteria to get her breakfast and they both went nutty with the bacon.  After breakfast, it was off to the playroom till it was time for the Sibling Day events.

Sibling Day was soooo much fun!  The girls felt so special and had so much fun.  Of course, Ingram wanted to go with them but he got side tracked with a little painting project from the Child Life gals so all was good.  The girls got to walk the red carpet across to the Danny Thomas Pavilion and had their pictures taken and were recorded also.  The guys from Dean Film and Studio that put together the girls amazing video was there too as part of the camera crew for the day; if you haven't checked out the video, google "Team Ingram" video on You Tube and Vimeo!  You'll be amazed!!!

Our nurse kept trying to discharge us but we were no where to be found for a couple hours.  Painting a Build-A-Bear canvas, playing games, and talking with friends took a little longer than we thought but once we got back upstairs to our room, it was time to go home.  Discharge instructions, Ingram's little black bag of fluids, and two wagon loads later we were in the car headed to the house.  It's going to be soooo good to sleep in our beds tonight!!

Ingram's Star Siblings Were Shining Bright!  

"Help!  Get Beau!!!"
Beau Loves Trying To Get Ingram's Black Bag
 As Much As He likes Getting His Marshmallows!!

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  1. Glad Ingram (and al the Dismukes!) are tolerating this round well! Praying for his little body to stay strong and well.