Tuesday July 17th, Round One

After going to bed after midnight, I woke Ingram up at 6:15am to head to St. Jude with hopes of things going "according to plan" today. He didn't seem to mind the early wake up though and after I told him we needed to go check his kidneys, he was off to the car faster than me. First up were labs then we headed to grab some bacon (normally called breakfast but he's on a bacon kick, even calling people bacon head) while we waited for them to run all the tests.

We came back to the clinic for our results and found out they were good and we were indeed starting chemotherapy today. A mix of emotions were starting to come over me and I didnt know what to to with them. I wanted to see Craig right then so he could just hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay. I wanted to see the girls but they were with my sister having fun. I wanted all this to be over and for Ingram to be okay. I'm scared about how he's going to react to the drugs. I'm scared about how the girls are going to react to Ingram. I'm scared about how I'm going to react to everything! 

All these things were going through my head as we were actually going to start what we've been talking and preparing to do since Tuesday April 12th when Lebonheur discharged us to the care of St. Jude. This was our day so far and it was only mid-morning, maybe 10am at the latest. Finally at 4pm the first chemotherapy drug was pushed and all those feelings from the morning came rushing back. We've been praying that with the surgery, radiation, and chemo that his tumor would be gone and never come back; and today at 4pm marked beginning the last stage in our fight for Ingram.

There are so many unknowns that could have us in the bottom of the barrel but we're still believing that God loves Ingram more than we do and that he's going to not only conquer the battle, but also glorify God in the process. We would ask for continued prayers for Ingram during this time, that all of these medicines work, and also that his body is able to recover from the harshness of the drugs. We would also like to ask for prayers for our friend Jayden and his family tonight. They are heartbroken this evening as they received their test results. Jayden is only 4 and has been battling cancer since he was 15 months old.

Big sister Madison got to be the first to spend the night!
I must be CRAZY to do this!!!


  1. Lifting Ingram and your entire family up.

    "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

    Susannah Henderson
    (my mom, Sue Robinson Harrison and your mom are 2nd cousins:)

  2. The Salt and Light Class at First Evan is praying for Ingram, you and your whole family.

    Jeanine Price from our class works at St. Jude and would love to come meet and pray with you. If you ever need a shoulder while you are there.

  3. Another well wisher from Salt and Light...I went through chemo, surgery and radiation two years ago for my cancer. Two days ago I learned that the cancer had returned; I'll have a mastectomy and reconstruction probably within the next 3-4 weeks. I know first hand what the Dismuke family is going through. I was disappointed that none of my doctors ever mentioned anything I could do to boost my immunity and my body's cancer fighting ability. I've been doing what I can to educate myself. There are two websites which I've found helpful: ChrisBeatCancer.com and HealthQuarters.com. I think that it's important to do everything medically which can be done to fight cancer, but it's a chronic condition that needs to be addressed on a daily basis. There are things which can be done with diet, environment and lifestyle which are important aids in fighting cancer. Pass my name along to the Dismuke family if you think it would be helpful. I would be more than happy to talk with Ashley about my treatments. Ingram and his family will certainly be in my prayers!

    Patti Johnson