Monday July 16th, A Complicated Day

Today did not go according to our plan...meaning we didn't get admitted to start chemotherapy today.  Things were going well and Ingram even let them "poke" him for his butterfly landing; he wasn't happy about it because he remembered last week's poke without numbing cream.  He named his butterfly "Percy" from The Octonauts (a new cartoon that he loves) and it's funny listening to him tell everyone else the name because they look at me like "What??" 

So next they drew tons of labs and then we went on our merry way to the clinic for all our instructions and room number.  Around lunch is when we found out that our plan might be getting derailed, but we had a few things to do before and to double check so back to the lab again for a redraw and other stuff.  Then off to the Diagnostic Imaging room for a set of ultrasounds on his kidneys to figure out why his Creatinine had doubled since Thursday. 

In between it all, we were just sitting around the hospital and waiting to find out if it was a fluke, if something was wrong with his kidneys, and I didn't like not knowing.  We even almost fell asleep on the couch watching a movie waiting for results and a new plan because it seemed our inpatient plan wasn't going to work.  

And it didn't...we finally left the hospital at 6pm tonight for home with a bag of fluids that are running till tomorrow.  Poor little guy was so tired, he was asleep before I even pulled out of the parking lot.  We'll head back in first thing in the morning to see if the his kidney function is back to normal and if it is, we'll be admitted tomorrow to start our first round.

While we were waiting, one of our friends sent a message that they were on their way back in to St. Jude for an unexpected set of tests.  They left St. Jude while we were still undergoing radiation with the hope of being finished with the Jayden's battle with cancer.  This evening as we were driving home, she sent the message that his cancer was back and my heart is aching for them.  They have been through this battle two times already and he's only 4 years old.  Please remember Jayden and his family in your prayers as I know right now; they will have another battle on their hands.  

Ingram's checking out his kidneys on the big screen.

2012's new look for men...The Man Purse!
It's coming back baby!!
Ingram has a little black bag that we brought home overnight with fluids;
his Aunt Amye has been toting it around behind him since we got home.


  1. Hang in there, Ingram. Maybe you just needed an extra day of rest before starting the treatment. Tuesday sounds like a good day to start to me. :-)


  2. Hey guys, I ran across your blog address from someone elses caringbridge. I thought to myself "that has to be the same Ingram" haha and it was. I am so sorry yall were not admitted yesterday. I am praying that all goes well today and Ingram can get this week behind him. I also watched the video which was amazing. You have 2 very loving and talented girls. They sure do have big hearts.
    Heather McClure, Ashlynns mom