Wednesday July 25th, Milk, Milk, and More Milkl!!

When our kids were little, they loved milk! Once Madison went to Kindergarten and realized everyone didn't drink milk during meals, she refused to drink it for the most part. We'd have to sneak calcium in all over the place in her meals with cheese, yogurt, and of course ice cream. Lindsey on the other hand has never lost her love for milk and she has passed down her love of milk to Ingram Thanks to having lunch with a friend at Panera Bread Monday, Lindsey remembered how much she loved milk and now Ingram is drinking it a lot too.

Soooo much that he's had six cups of milk with his meals today alone and I guarantee he'll want some at bedtime too. I'm loving it though because it's whole milk and it should help pack on the weight!!! He hasn't eaten much today or really the past couple days; when he was weighed Tuesday, he had dropped a little bit of weight. With all the milk he's been drinking, I'm hopeful that his weight will have at least stayed the same or maybe even come up a tad.

All day long, we've been playing at home since he doesn't like to wear his mask. We painted with watercolors, colored with markers, played with Lego's and played with Play Doh. I even managed to get Ingram, the girls and myself down for a nap! Impressive I know. We had a lot of fun today but that wasn't the best part of my day...

The best part of my day though was seeing Craig when he got home from work and giving him a great big hug and kiss. Today is our 14th Anniversary and I'm so glad he's my husband. Life, especially Ingram's battle, would not be the same without him and I wouldn't be the same without him either. He is the best father, the best husband, and the best friend I could ever have. He makes me a better mother, a better wife, and a better friend. I could go on and on about him, but he'd probably get embarrassed so I'll save all the mushy stuff for another day. So honey, when you read this, after you're done getting embarassed, know how much I love you, how much I respect you, and how much I admire you for the husband and father you are!

I plan on holding tight for the next 14 years!
The BEST three parts of our 14 years!!
The BEST Father of the Year!

Craig's Hand Holding Us All Together!

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  1. Happy anniversary, Craig and Ashley! How lucky you are to have each other, and how lucky Lindsey, Madison, and Ingram are to have you.