Tuesday July 24th, Going Down...

Ingram is such a funny guy.  Anytime he's awake, he wants to play which is great except for when it's just me because he has so much energy.  He's such a people person like his girls and loves to be around people all the time.  He doesn't even want to leave St. Jude half the time because he has so much fun playing with everyone. 

Today's big thing has been hide and seek...all day!  He played with me this morning because I couldn't find him when it was time to go get his new butterfly; big shocker there because I'd probably hide if someone was coming after me with a needle!  Which by the way he didn't even cry getting Captain Barnacles (another Octonauts character) put in this morning; it's a first time for no crying with the same nurse Virginia who had the other first of sitting by himself in the chair a couple weeks ago.  Then he played hide and seek with Daddy in the clinic before, during, and after his appointment; at one point, I'm pretty sure Daddy was going to get in trouble if he didn't bring Ingram back in to see our doctor.  Then he played it once we were home when I was trying to put him down for his nap; only he didn't tell me we started playing a game and it took me forever to find him and get him to the bed.

We were surprised to find out that his ANC was already down to 100, especially since it was 2100 last week when we started chemo! It's expected for it to start going down between 7-10 days after finishing chemo, but we're not even at the seventh day yet and it's almost to zero.  We Dismuke's have a particular way of doing things and apparently Ingram is the same!  He didn't want to wait till closer to the weekend to sport a new look...the mask; anytime below 500 for the ANC is mask time, fever precautions, and pretty much isolation.  He's going to be bummed out about not getting to be go to the store or out to eat at restaurants or to play with his friends at church; I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of painting and Play-Doh action going on around here till they're back up so that should keep him happy.  Who knows, maybe I'll get a cartoon marathon out of the whole thing and we'll stay in pjs all day if we don't have any appointments at St. Jude. 

The girls are pretty excited about the mask though and asked if they could wear one, but it only lasted about 5 seconds then they were over it.  They're busy with soccer camp this week but will get to go back to SJ with us Thursday for appointments and to see what kind of trouble they can cause.  I think Thursday is Movie Day so who know's what they'll get to watch and do a craft project too with the Volunteens.  Fun times await!!

Good thing no one sat on this super comfy bean bag!
Ingram was hiding from Daddy!

No it's not what you're thinking; Ingram is not in trouble in the corner;
He's hiding behind the door from his nurse Lizzie in another game of Hide and Seek!

Yes, this is what you're thinking...
Ingram's new mask that he's got to wear till his counts come back up (except in our house).
The funny thing is that the pretzels were his lunch and the truck was his prize for getting poked!

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  1. Tres chic, Ingram! I think you're going to start a new fashion trend with the mask. :-)