Saturday and Sunday July 21st and 22nd, Fast-paced Fun!!!!

So this weekend was face-paced to say the least!  We're still waiting for Ingram to feel bad from the chemo, but it's just not happening yet.  His appetite is a little less than normal, he's sleeping pretty good, and ready to play when he's awake.  Saturday morning started with washing all of Ingram's bedding!  The thing with going home on fluids from the hospital is that there's not a nurse to come in every two hours to change his pull up and it can only hold so much.  Poor guy, he wakes up to wet pants and all but is the happiest guy around! 

Saturday around lunchtime, we went to St. Jude to switch out Ingram's empty bag of fluids for a new one.  Lindsey went with us and Madison stayed home to supervise Daddy's work in the yard.  Once we were done, we came home and Ingram took a three hour nap.  He would have kept sleeping, but I woke him up so that he'd go back to sleep easily for the night a couple hours later.  We actually had time to cook spaghett and the kids set the table and made us stay out of the kitchen while they were doing it.   It was complete with a ticket station (no ticket, no food), a hand cleaning station and they even had the table set up by candlelight.  I think they're the sweetest kids in the world!

Sunday morning was a little more crazy...we had to be at the hospital early and Craig and the girls headed out to church after we left.  We started out in the lab where Ingram helped them do everything.  He has maintained his weight since Thursday which is good, but we really want him to gain weight instead of just holding steady.  After labs, we went to clinic to get the results to find out that his creatinine was looking good!  It was looking so good that they let us come off fluids and in turn could take out his butterfly.  Oh happy day!!!! 

The rest of Sunday was spent having fun playing and having fun in the tub!  He had so much fun that he fell asleep while we were waiting for the girls to get back from a fundraising meeting in Jackson TN.  He's so proud of his girls and we are too.  Keep checking the Team Ingram link and watch the amount of donations increasing; it's very exciting!! 

Here's the big Father-Son conversation...
"But Ingram, just think of how fun it'll be to mow the yard with this!"
"I don't know Daddy; our yard's kinda small."
"I know it's small, but you can help drive it!  Oh I know...tell Mommy you want to get it for my birthday!"
Ingram is continuing his quest for all things manly!
Thankfully, George taught him how to run around without a shirt...just becuase he could!!

I know that he's too old for a bath tub picture;
But he hasn't had a bath in a week and he was soooo excited!!

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