Friday July 20th, Friends and Family

We went in today to have a post chemo shot (that really hurt Ingram) in the leg instead of in his port, labs done to check his kidneys again, and a Clinic visit.  Our clinic visit was supposed to be quick. but they came in with kidney function that wasn't the best.  Little man is still on fluids and will be through the weekend, but he's very much used to it and carries his bag around with him wherever he goes.  We'll go in again tomorrow and Sunday to change out the fluids and get labs to see the progession of his counts. 

I'm sitting here trying to write about today and I just can't seem to think.  I think my mind is starting to shut down for some reason.  I'm a little tired, a little on the emotional side, and still a little overwhelmed by everything.  I have run into our friends Bethany and Scott a few times and talking with them sends me back to the beginning of our time at St. Jude because they still don't have a plan yet to fight for their son's life for the third time.  They are firm believers that God is the Author of Jayden's story just as we are that He's writing Ingram's story; but there's just something that a mother and a father want to do for their children but all we can do is pray for our kids and trust the people taking care them. 

We've met so many patients and families in our short time at St. Jude that I it's hard to keep up with them all.  We don't get in and out of the hospital fast because we're always running into someone else and see how they're doing in their treatment.  Being a patient at St. Jude really is like being part of our family that's hard to explain.  So as I think about today, I'm thinking about our battle but I'm also thinking about all of our friends battles as well.  At some point, we're all down in the dumps and we depend on others to bring us out.  Our kids have good days and bad days, but the thing about St. Jude is that they're always fighting for us, for our kids, and for the kids that will be there in the future. 

Sleepover Part 1
Lindsey and Ingram started out in the back having a "sleepover,"
but decided to move their sleepover to...
Sleepover Part 2
Ingram decided he wanted to sleep in his bed,
but I'm thinking it was Lindsey that wanted to come downstairs!
Sleepover Part 3
Ingram wanted us all together since Madison was at a friends house.
And yes, that's a closet Lindsey is sleeping in.

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