Monday July 9th, A Noisy Start!

We woke up this morning to the noise of cement trucks and it was great!  Ingram was glued to the windows and was fascinitated by the trucks.  He loved watching them empty out, then the next one would pull in, then he'd empty his load and the other guy would be back fully loaded again.  I'm not sure our neighborhood drivers were happy about the road being a little congested in front; but if they had boy in the car, I'm sure they were loving it. 

We pretty much did nothing today, other than watching the cement trucks and the workers.  We played hide and seek and Play-Doh off and on all day.  We also went upstairs and tried to play Super Mario Brothers on the Wii but I couldn't figure it out.  I guess when the girls get home from Kanakuk, they'll have to teach me how to play so I can help Ingram. 

We also played a game that I have no idea what it's called (Craig said it's called Jai Alai, but I've never heard of that).  It's kind of like mini lacrosse but it's a full plastic scooper handle thingie with a little handle; Ingram calls it "Toss" because you toss the ball with the scooper thing to the other person and they catch it with their scooper thingie.  Beau also likes to try and get the ball and runs like crazy when he gets it.  I think Beau laughs at me as I'm chasing him around the house or the yard; I know if anyone else saw this going on they, they'd laugh at me too!

On a positive note, Ingram is doing great!  He's been eating I think all day long and I'm sure he's gained some weight which is a good thing.  We go back to St. Jude Wednesday and I'll be excited to see what the scales say; I'll go on record with my guess around 35 pounds!

What begins at 8am... finished by 4pm!

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  1. Craig is right - it is called jai alai (pronounced hi-lie). It was really big in Tijuana when we were growing up.

    The pool looks amazing.

    Don't you people ever rest? You wear me out just talking about your days. :-)