Wednesday July 4th, Celebrating in Style!

Ingram woke up ready to go swimming and it was all I could do to hold him off till the party actually started 3 hours later!  That little stinker is loving the water and definitely making up for lost time.  He jumped on the trampoline while the big kids were eating their lunch and he attempted to swing on the hammock;  after a few tries he finally got it all figured out.  He went down the slide a million times and laughed the whole way.  Of course, no matter where we were, he would holler "Mom" or "Dad" every time for us to turn around and watch.  He swam all around the pool and squirted everyone with the water guns.  Needless to say, I think's he's going to turn into a fish pretty soon!

He misses his girls for sure and has been sleeping in their shirts during naptime and bedtime.  It's pretty cute and I know the girls will love it when they find out!  It was so easy at the pool party only having to keep up with Ingram but at the Fireworks tonight, it was even easier not having to figure out where the girls have run off to.  With that said, we really miss the girls!  Luckily we were able to see their pictures online and they were smiling and happy; they were even in two pictures together AND they looked happy to be with each other. 

Why isn't my pool ready today?
Mr. Jay made the hole yesterday!
That's okay, I'll just go to his house!!!
Check out me on his slide...

Ingram finally learned how to stay off the ground.

Boing! Boing! Look at me! Boing! Boing! Ha Ha Ha!

We were as bright as the fireworks with our glowsticks!

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