Thursday July 5th, Lazy Day...Almost!

Okay, so we've been staying up late for quite some time now and Craig and I figured we should try to to get  Ingram rested somehow from all our fun!  Ingram slept in till almost 9am and I woke up just before him!  Nice huh? 

With just a little time left before I turn into Mama Bear (not the kind of Mama Bear that fusses at folks, but the Mama Bear that protects my little man when chemo starts), there are so many things that we want to do with Ingram and at home that it's hard to get started.  We have a ton of friends that we want to hang out with, projects around the house that I've been saving for later (that I don't think I'll get around to at all), errands to do before we go into the hospital, and more. 

But instead of doing all that kind of stuff, we played Hide and Go Seek in our pajamas, ate breakfast and lunch in our pajamas, played WiiCar in our pajamas, watching the guys working in the pit in the backyard, and our pajamas.  We probably would've stayed in our pajamas all day if the car guy hadn't called at 3 this afternoon and said they had a shuttle heading to pick us up since all the work on my car was done.  In case you didn't know, we had regular service to do, parts to buy, and body work to be done since I hit the garage door backing out on the was not a fun bill to pay today!

We also took Beau on a walk with Ingram on riding his scooter.  The funny part of that is that it's blazing hot and Ingram doesn't do well with the heat nowadays; by the time we got to the end of our driveway, he was ready for a break.  He brought a drink with him and it was a drinkable yogurt!  It reminded me of the time when Madison was 2 and had a brand new play kitchen.  She fixed hot yogart for me and I have a feeling that if Ingram hadn't finished his whole yogurt at the driveway, he would've been drinking hot yogurt for sure!

Yummy...Drinking Yogurt in 100 degree heat!

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